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Nikki as fresh as ever in Mid Life Crosby

Thursday, May 15, 2014
The sketch School Daze featuring from left, Nikki Crosby as Shakira, Cecilia Salazar as Britney, Debra Boucaud-Mason as Shelly-Ann, Penny Spencer as Kimberley and Kevon Brooks as Mr Wagner. PHOTO DAVID WEARS

Nikki Crosby celebrated her 20th year in the entertainment industry in fine style with the staging of Mid Life Crosby at the Central Bank Auditorium, Port-of-Spain. Directed by Penelope Spencer, the hilarious production was attended by a sold out audience at each staging and starred Cecilia Salazar, Debra Boucaud Mason, Kevon Brooks, Spencer and Crosby.


Mid Life Crosby consisted of two acts, delivered in seven sequences. Crosby was the solo actor in the opening sequence, written by executive producer Gregory Singh, delivering a monologue about her earliest beginnings on stage, including the first joke she ever gave to an audience at the now defunct Upper Level Club. 


Then, there was School Daze with Brooks as a substitute teacher of four maladjusted students. Between the humour there was the serious message of how children are negatively affected by broken marriages as Boucaud Mason’s character was severely damaged by regular fighting between her parents, and her father’s infidelity.


Hold up Hoes was next and highlighted the plight of street prostitutes incarcerated after plying their trade in Woodbrook and St Clair. Brooks was hilarious in drag as Big Shirley.


Crosby did another monologue about her wedding. She became emotional and shed a tear when she spoke about her sister thespian Mairoon Ali, who died five years ago.


Fighting Forty opened the show’s resumption after intermission, with Crosby generating much laughter, especially from female patrons, as she expounded on the downside of women reaching the age of 40. Ah Fed Up was the penultimate sequence, preceding A Case against Granny, starring all the actors.


Crosby may be going through ‘mid life crises’ but her brand of comedy is young and fresh.


Mid Life Crosby is being reprised on Sunday at Naparima Bowl, San Fernando, at 3.30 pm and 7 pm.