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Beetham fire still burning

Monday, May 19, 2014
The fire raging at the Beetham Landfill on Sunday night. PHOTO: MICHEAL BRUCE


Fire continues to blaze in a "small yet (sic) controlled" area of the Beetham Landfill, the Solid Waste Management Co (SWMCOL) said in a statement issued this morning.


In a later update, the company said its team continues to work on extinguishing the fire, and was "reporting significant progress and are confident of bringing the situation to a complete resolution during the course of the day today."

SWMCOL warned that owing to "erratic wind conditions,"  at times visibility might be affected by smoke from the fire and suggested: "Kindly take the appropriate steps to ensure your safety."

It said police and Fire Services remained on site and were providing assistance. 

It added that the protective services were out in "full force" to ensure that there is little disruption to the flow of traffic along the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway and Beetham Highway, and said there had been no occurrence of injury or loss of property reported as a result of this latest fire.

SWMCOL could not yet say what had caused the fire but said  there would be a full investigation " once the present threat has been completely averted."

National Petroleum Ltd also issued a press release saying its head office at Sea Lots has been negatively affected by the smoke from the fire.

The company said arrangements are in place to ensure the continued delivery of fuel, but there will be no further sales of lubricants or LPG cylinders from Sea Lots for the rest of the day.