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There will be few who will disagree that the ways political parties get their funding need to be reformed. Recent events are fresh in our minds: Ponzi schemes made multimillion-dollar donations to both political parties using funds stolen from members of the greedy public; and no case against a Ponzi scheme operator has ever gone to trial in Jamaica. Is...

Israel was created as a country in 1948. Israel by all indicators is a First World country, although not enriched with natural resources like our country or it’s neighbours, with whom it has been in a permanent state of conflict and hostilities.

The church is not an institution to treat with contempt and disrespect as some uninformed or ill-advised people do.

During the two-month vacation the Ministry of Education made a decision to transfer teachers to new schools. The ministry did so without first communicating its final decision to school principals or teachers.

Why are the PNM and others desperately fighting for Jack Warner’s support to win the next general election when this is the same Warner they accused of corruption while being a minister in the People’s Partnership government?

Over the years many commentators have publicly made the call for NOTA, or none of the above, to be included as a choice on the ballot paper for both national and local government elections.

I am an enthusiastic supporter of the proposal in the new Constitution Amendment Bill 2014.

Fifty-two years ago the people of T&T indicated they were ready to be independent of our colonial managers. They were ready to build a nation, unite our people and prosper.

For longer than 40 years we have had to endure a monolithic authoritarian PNM government bred on the dictum that when they open their mouths, “no damn dog should bark”—a party that uses the politics of fear, empty promises repeated ad nauseam and a tradition of totalitarianism, favouritism and bl

I followed many of the debates in the Parliament on the Constitution Amendment Bill 2014 and have concluded that the outcome, from the standpoint of the People's Partnership, can be described only as Pyrrhic—a victory costing more to the victor than to the vanquished. In my view, the bill and the

Countries, like individuals, succeed by committing to thought and study before action. Otherwise, theirs is the way of the ship without a pilot, “… drifting helplessly towards the rocks and to its doom.” 

It was intriguing to see that the Constitution Amendment Bill was passed with several amendments. I believe that the independent senators did what they were rightly appointed to do. They made several key changes to the bill that would definitely please most people, including those that didn’t sup

Once again it is that time of year when we await the yearly budget.

Imagine this scenario...

My intention is not to cast aspersions upon the decision of the three Independent Senators who found it prudent to support the Constitution Amendment Bill, involving significant changes to the supreme law of the land, in particular, the inclusion of the highly controversial runoff amendment which

Three days before its 52nd anniversary of Independence T&T had the distinct honour of joining the exclusive club of two out of 52 Commonwealth countries to have both the recall and runoff systems.