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Seventy-two minutes! That’s the length of time it took me this evening to get from Bamboo Junction to Sunset Ridge. Guess what? Both points are located in the same district: La Romaine. They say that there’s a price for progress, but this is way past the point of ridiculous. With my current stress levels, I am doubtful if I will even live long enough to...

Fellow Trinbagonians, your nation is facing a dire crisis and needs you now. We have a lot to be proud of but at this time we are on the brink of being shamed globally. 

An official of the Ministry of Health is reported to have indicated that T&T is “70 per cent ready” with respect to the threat from the Ebola virus.

Mr Griffith is certainly supplementing the belief that this is a lawless country similar to the Wild West in bygone days, by introducing bounties for information on the whereabouts of lawless citizens. Rewards are a good idea but why wasn’t it introduced before to try to bring criminals the justi

I have followed the case of Dr Kublalsingh’s proposals for the Point Fortin Highway over the last month. I have listened to the views of several people and organisations. It seems that some are disrespectful to the Hon Prime Minister and some are only politicking.

Kublalsingh would do well to disassociate himself with the political grasshoppers now swarming around him for any publicity they can get, unless of course this is all part of a bigger plan.

As a citizen of T&T I will not allow this opportunity to slip by in light the direction in which our society is heading.

As I view  images of environmentalist Dr Wayne Kublalsingh becoming more emaciated with each passing day, I am saddened and admittedly afraid that this patriot, who is simply requesting that an earlier promise by the PM to abide by the findings of the Armstrong Committee Report on a feasibility s

When the ICC decided to “bend” its rules by allowing bowlers a maximum of 15 degrees of flex in the elbow in the delivery swing, I was appalled. Effectively, they were saying that while we frown upon throwing (pelting, chucking, stoning), it is okay to throw a little bit.

I recently read a comment by a resident of Debe that Dr Wayne should have died already, that he is fighting a losing battle and that the majority of the people of Debe want the link road. All that may be true save and except that all around Dr K are these beautiful and simple folk who are not pol

Through your esteemed newspaper, I am pleased and honoured to express my views on illegal parking by motorists on the nation’s pavement. Recently, there is an increase in violation of the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Regulations Chapter 48:50, 117/1956 and 177/1957 by motorists.

I think that it won’t be wise for the Government to bow to the shenanigans of Dr Kublalsingh. The Government will be setting a bad precedent if he adheres to his pressure tactics to get his own way. It may seem to be a noble thing to do but he is behaving like a child trying to get his own way by

As far as I have been able to ascertain, and I have been following the LGBT controversy closely, no one and no group has advocated for LGBT marriage, only that people born LGBT be afforded the same basic civic human rights as are guaranteed to anyone else who is a citizen of this country. Marriag

Kindly permit me a place in your newspaper to highlight a problem that affects many people on the Southern Main Road, Warrenville every evening when school is over at 3 pm.

Politics, we are told, has a morality of its own. Nowhere is this made clearer than with the present impasse between our Prime Minister and Dr Wayne Kublalsingh. 

If we were to sum up the main things we wish were different about Trinidad they would probably be: crime, traffic and the cost of living. I would agree that the job of an MP can be 24/7 and they should be compensated for this, but there are also citizens who work two to three jobs and still make