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Calypso history month is October 2014. How many of us are aware of this? Based on what is on the media, not many, unfortunately. What is calypso? It is African Caribbean music from T&T originating from African and European roots. The French brought Carnival to T&T. Carnival grew in popularity after the abolition of slavery in 1834. While many...

Will someone kindly explain the specific issue that is being addressed through the proposed acquisition of armoured personnel vehicles? I have tried to follow arguments offered by Minister Gary Griffith in several TV interviews but unfortunately I have been unable to make the connection between t

There is so much wrong with the approach to child care—or the baby grant programme—adopted by the Government in the 2015 national budget. The Prime Minister is reported in the Guardian newspaper of September 8 to have said, “the household income ceiling would be $3,000 a month and the provision r

As a trained economist, I am cognizant of the concepts of scarcity and opportunity cost. This is the cornerstone of the study of economics, the fact that resources applied to one use cannot be applied to other uses. In other words, nothing in this life is free.

Looking at this budget from the eyes of people with limited resources and hoping for state assistance in different forms and fashion, this would be a good budget! With goodies ranging from increased grants and pensions to an increase in the minimum wage and assistance to underprivileged mothers,

After briefly perusing our $65 billion budget in the daily newspaper and considering what our society has become over the last 15 to 20 years, budget after budget, it sometimes puts me at a loss as to what we have really gained over this period apart from new buildings, roads and the ever-increas

I write to concur fully with the letter of  Ms Joanne Hall (September 10) of La Horquette, re Tobago. Like many domestic tourists, my wife and I also look forward to escaping to Tobago as often as we can; so like Ms Hall, we also make it our business to be concerned with the affairs of Tobago (as

At the Chamber of Commerce’s annual post-budget forum, Finance Minister Larry Howai thanked God that his gut instinct on oil and gas prices over the last two budgets turned out to be correct. 

Cheap is good!

Please allow me to comment on the predicament for NIS pensioners from excerpts of the 2015 budget.

In the 2010/11 budget the old age pension, funded totally by the state, was increased to $3,000 per month.

A most laudable offer of $1m will be paid to families of officers in the protective services who lose their lives in the war being waged against the criminal elements. This money is not enough for a human life. It is not enough if the families cannot be guaranteed instant payment.

The Government has made an underwhelming 2015 budget presentation. I am still waiting to hear what the biggest budget in the history of T&T has allocated for income-earning activities as well as developmental initiatives. 

I think I write for all the people of these islands who love and appreciate the old buildings that contribute to our common shared background.

May I suggest that the Government adds to its arsenal of measures to deter reckless motorists—and pedestrians—a better system of signage on our byways and in particular our newly-constructed highways? Mod

I am Trinbagonian and I frequent Tobago for some much needed R&R, so I make it my business to concern myself with the affairs of Tobago. Honestly, autonomy for Tobago should be a far thought for citizens and the Government if the Orville London’s THA is in charge of the island.