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I write to make a simple contribution on the serious disease of Ebola.

I, like many, have seen on BBC television news the plight, suffering and helplessness of the people of West Africa. It is heart-wrenching!

This disease has been around since before 1976 and the recent outbreak has been raging for about a year now.

It drew very...

The following was inspired by the lyrics of Andersson, Benny Goran Bros and others (Thank You For The Music).

Concerning the Constitutional (Amendment) Bill 2014, the biggest flaw in The Constitution of T&T is the fact that the Government has constitutionally found a way to allow one senator—or in this particular case, three independent senators—to call the shots in changing the electoral face of T&a

It requires an astute degree of incompetence to exquisitely frustrate the mass movement of people. Modern public transportation has this astute incompetence under the stewardship of Minister [of Works and Infrastructure] Suruj Rambachan. That the productive sector is daily delayed by inefficienci

I have noted with interest an article published in the media last Thursday, headlined "SEC hires British QC for FCB share probe." The story was based on Legal Notice No 258 dated August 6, issued by the Minister of Legal Affairs.

Amidst allegations of brutal use of force, corruption and killings by police officers, both civilian oversight bodies in T&T are headless. It is a shame to this nation that alleged police atrocities remain unchecked, and the clamouring by the Police Complaints Authority and the Police Service

Three Independent Senators decided on balance to facilitate the passage of the Constitution Amendment Bill (2014). With all due respect I would like to outline what their votes have helped to bring about:

During the rainy season this seemingly unattended Flagstaff housing development becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Last rainy season there were several cases of dengue, including one of an 18-month-old baby who had to endure the severe effects of this disease. 

I was on the above named beach which is located opposite Surf’s Country Inn in Blanchisseuse on last Sunday.

Parts of the runoff system of elections is already in effect in T&T.

Please allow me to offer some points made on the Constitution Amendment Bill which is about to be written into law and some possible responses to them:

I cannot help but agree with the expression of concern by a member of the Judicial and Legal Service Commission (JLSC) regarding the elevation of Gillian Lucky to the High Court. The dissenting JLSC member is said to have met with the President on Lucky’s appointment, and questioned whether she c

So Fixin T&T is calling for the head of Independent Senator Dr Dhanayshar Mahabir. They are basing this call on an interview he did after the 2007 elections in which he concluded that there was no room for third parties in this country. 

Ms Catherine Kumar was quoted in the press as stating: “...Cepep is not the way to go and (its) funds should be redirected to helping the private sector put a different means in place so they can employ the persons from the beginning, train them in the different areas in which they employ them an

In recent times at award functions, graduation ceremonies etc, Muslim women have been seen refusing to shake hands with men. Unfortunately, it is proclaimed as a religious duty, which in fact can no way be substantiated from the supreme law of Islam, the Holy Qur’an. In fact the Holy Qur’an procl

Last week I had a bout of the flu with a constant, unusual fatigue never experienced before, so I made an effort to invest in a doctor’s visit. After trying at two neighbourhood doctors’ offices (both were closed off for holidays), I ambled around to find any others open to prevent making a secon