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I write to make a simple contribution on the serious disease of Ebola.

I, like many, have seen on BBC television news the plight, suffering and helplessness of the people of West Africa. It is heart-wrenching!

This disease has been around since before 1976 and the recent outbreak has been raging for about a year now.

It drew very...

Seldom have I seen the look of pure joy on some-one’s face as Dawn Gibbs showed at Piarco Airport as she prepared to leave Trinidad for the final time.






As has been the norm for much of the term of this UNC/PP administration, instead of the calm, competent governance we were promised on the campaign trail, the opposite has been the norm with not a week going by without some manner of crisis or catastrophe to unnerve the population and create tens

It did not surprise me in the least when I heard the Minister of Works, Emmanuel George, try to justify the Government’s environmental oversight in the construction of the highway from San Fernando to Point Fortin.

Why is it in 2012 citizens from sister Caribbean territories are still having to go through the hassle of renewing passports every six months and facing deportation and such?

With heavy heart, I write as I do empathise with this new generation of nurses and the silly Nursing Council toss-up. Where is PM Kamla and Jack W?

My commute to and from work in Port-of-Spain has been spectacularly short these past couple weeks. But I am haunted by the thought of pedestrians walking blocks between the one-way thoroughfares, shrivelling in the sun and soaking in the rain, just to get heretofore easily accessible transport.

I read with amazement the latest advertisement by the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) regarding action (lack of ) in the event of a disaster. Does the ODPM expect us to take it seriously?

As we approach our 50th year of political independence, the nation would seem to have been plunged into an atmosphere of convivality and jubilation, a feeling which no doubt comes instinctively from a people liberated from the shackles of slavery, indentureship and colonialism.

Saving lives requires that we hold ourselves and social institutions responsible. Government, healthcare, education, and religion are composed of people. Therefore is it not vital to ask what are we doing?

The Cabinet reshuffle seems to have been a success with the resignations of Gibbs and Ewatski as CoP and Deputy CoP. It’s plain that was the intent of the reshuffle. Who’s next? The reporter who wrote about the PM’s vehicle?