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There will be few who will disagree that the ways political parties get their funding need to be reformed. Recent events are fresh in our minds: Ponzi schemes made multimillion-dollar donations to both political parties using funds stolen from members of the greedy public; and no case against a Ponzi scheme operator has ever gone to trial in Jamaica. Is...

The criminals are certainly in glee and thanking the Government for getting rid of Police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs and his deputy Jack Ewatski. They may be even thinking the Government is on their side.









In discussion with a number of young people as regards “role models,” many of them expressed disappointment when those who they considered to be role models behaved in ways that caused disillusionment.  This disappointment can be due to the fact that people might expect a role model to be perfect

I deliberately remained silent on the recently implemented traffic plan in Woodbrook and St James, Port-of-Spain. This entire arrangement has caused me sleepless nights and tremendous worry. So I decided to revisit the plan and try to come up with workable solutions in the interest of all.

I am all in favour of the change to ease the traffic congestion in Woodbrook and St James in Port-of-Spain but I make two observations:

I have read the complaints from business people and others who want the new traffic plan scrapped. However, I believe Port-of-Spain Mayor Louis Lee Sing is right—let it run it's course. I think it is working fine, except for a few glitches at the Roxy roundabout. People do not like change.

I write to highlight an account of my flight on BW1515 from Tobago to Piarco on July 22. This was my second flight on one of the new ATR aircraft, my first being approximately one year earlier. My first experience was not good, bearing some similar traits to the second.

I could not help but chuckle to myself today, as I reflected on Mr Basdeo Panday’s words at the funeral of his colleague Mr Kelvin Ramnath. Mr Panday must be supremely contented with his life because he has been doing exactly what he was born to do!