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A quote in the Friday newspapers about T&T not having expertise locally to run Caribbean Airlines Ltd, is insulting to me, personally, as well as to one or two other locals who I know can be available at that level of compensation. I possess more than adequate knowledge and experience having worked at a far larger and globally competitive carrier,...


Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams is yet to provide a suitable answer regarding the status of a probe involving bribery allegations against National Security Minister Jack Warner, Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley said yesterday.

Now that the 50th independence anniversary date has passed and hopefully the major celebrations are over, it is time to go beyond reflection on what needs to be done if we are to achieve meaningful and sustained national development.

In this the 50th anniversary of our independence, I am deeply distressed by an item of news on  the tv news report which claims that the chairman of Caribbean Airlines (CAL) wants the Tobago House of Assembly to “write to CAL to express their complaints/dissatisfaction so that these can be addres

As we celebrate the anniversary of the birth of our nation. I’m sure it was a proud and memorable day 50 years ago when we respectfully lowered the Union Jack and proudly hoisted the Red, White and Black as the symbol of our nationhood.

A very close examination of the Partap affair has revealed some startling conclusions. The first is that our young ministers cannot handle power.

It is not enough to stand in silence and listen to the musical accompaniment of this country’s national anthem. I think that everyone, when called upon or, for that matter, anywhere, should stand and sing the words and be conscious of the meaning of the words which are prayerful, melodic and insp