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The riots in Ferguson, Missouri have really scared me. The residents continue to express their outrage over the killing of Michael Brown. And it’s not just because he was an unarmed teen, it was because he was a black teen who was shot by a white officer. The black community is enraged over the jury’s decision to not indict the police officer Darren...












I am born and bred in Woodbrook, 66 years ago. My business is in Woodbrook. I believe the scrapping of the new west POS plan is purely a battle between Jack Warner and Lee Sing. After the gang lords meeting fiasco, Jack decided to teach Lee Sing a lesson.

The media association has said it is concerned that Minister Jack Warner is interested in buying the Newsday/Mirror. It is concerned with Mr Warner’s connections with the current administration and the fallout this will have on journalistic impartiality and independence.

This issue of the escalating homicide rate and mechanisms to improve it are wide-ranging.

It was great news hearing the many new provisions made with the Miscellaneous Provisions Bill that dealt with the Finance Intelligence Unit (FIU) and the Anti-Terrorism Bill in Parliament on August 17.