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We wish to congratulate the Hillview CAPE class of 2014 on their stellar performance in the recent examinations. We wish to express our gratitude and deep appreciation to the principal and staff and scholarship winners for the happiness that you have brought us. This is a big historical event long in coming, but coming at the most appropriate and...

Open letter to Khafra Kambon, chairman of the Emancipation Support Committee:

Dr Thackwray Driver, chairman of the Economic Development Board (EDB), Ministry of Planning, in his letter to the editor (T&T Guardian, July 19), correctly states that for the most part diversification of our economy means developing new goods and services that we can sell to regional and int

I was quite startled when I overheard on the BBC that the “mystery of life” was discovered by some scientists in Switzerland; they claimed Higgs boson is the answer to the derivation of man—popularly known as the “God particle”—that helps explain what gives all matter in the universe size and sha

The PNM claims the Government doesn't represent all of T&T. It suggests that’s because the Government is basically Indian.

Port-of-Spain Mayor Louis Lee Sing has opined that the new traffic plan is a success. What is successful is the fact that the Western Main Road is free of traffic. Hooray. But where has the traffic gone? To minor roads.

It has been reported that at the recent Caricom Heads of Government Meeting in St Lucia, the heads did not endorse the proposal of the T&T Government that this country should submit itself to the “partial” criminal appellate jurisdiction only of the Carib-bean Court of Justice (CCJ).

The scientific world today is ecstatic with the discovery of the Higgs boson particle, commonly known as the “God particle,” which it is believed gives rise to mass in matter.

It has always been argued that teachers are highly paid, and don’t need a salary increase. While that may be the belief of many individuals, it is not the case of some teachers. Some of us are not classed as high as others and as such do not receive as much in our salary.


A government seemingly incapable of tackling the nation’s woes was removed and one that promised betterment was voted in. Today we see the same huge potholes, traffic jams, road carnage, high inflation, hospital woes and the very burning issue of high crime.


President George Maxwell Richards gave an insightful address at the ceremonial opening of Parliament on July 11 that would cause anyone to reflect and give serious thought to important issues that we need to probe and examine if we are ever to reach First World status.


It’s a sad day indeed, but I do believe that the citizens of T&T have become totally numbed by, or I should say inured to, the crime situation. We now seem to accept the news of four or five murders in one day with a nonchalance that is frightening.

I would like to humbly suggest that the HDC considers approaching Doc’s Engineering with regard to supplying basic houses for our people. I am sure these Doc’s houses will fall into the HDC’s cost budget.

It is now evident that child abuse is becoming rampant in T&T.

Why has the word “police” become associated so much with incompetence instead of security and protection? Continuous lambasting of the law-enforcement service has kept police officers in their demoralised stalemate.

Because the anointed one is not really elected but is selected, the president elect/select attains to power as if he had played the lotto but did so without even having had to buy a ticket.