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I have observed with growing interest the comments and reactions surrounding the pre-action protocol letter sent by the attorneys representing the President of the Republic of T&T to Ms Rachel Price in respect of derogatory and defamatory comments allegedly made regarding the President’s wife’s mode and choice of dress. Many have condemned the...

Recent events have suggested that Opposition Leader Keith Rowley, PNM MPs Colm Imbert and Fitzgerald Hinds are hellbent on  discrediting Jack Warner. Is it because it’s perceived that Warner is the lynchpin in the UNC so if they bring him down the UNC would fall?

I support all those who have condemned the killing of the helpless young turtles and the destruction of turtle eggs on the beach in Grande Riviere. The termination of young innocent life that could have been of benefit to humankind is always cause for concern.

With the Olympic Games starting today, I wish all the T&T athletes the best of luck as they take on the best of the world in the various disciplines.



Mike Walcott
Via e-mail

This letter is in relation to an article, written by Satnarayan Maharaj, which appeared on page A33 of the July 19 T&T Guardian, titled “Politics and Presidents.” In the third paragraph of the article it is stated: “The President also has the power to appoint the Prime Minister, the Attorney

Open letter to Flow: I am very disappointed with an advertisement for a competition which you have put out recently, inviting people to submit a 30- second video showing “what independence means to me.” I have no problem with the objective, but the ad itself is disturbing, distasteful and insulti

The relationship between Kelvin Ramnath and I goes back to our primary school days when we attended the Preysal Government School. He was from Balmain and walked to school and back everyday, a distance of about two miles each way.

The decision of the National Security Minister to introduce the ShotSpotter technology from the US to determine from where shots are being fired is a laudable attempt to address gun violence in Trinidad.

I seek your assistance with getting some basic requirements which the Member of Parliament for the Friendship area seems to be unable to deliver.

Even when you say that South Africa beat England by an innings and 12 runs, it does not convey the magnitude of the defeat.

Open letter to Khafra Kambon, chairman of the Emancipation Support Committee:

Dr Thackwray Driver, chairman of the Economic Development Board (EDB), Ministry of Planning, in his letter to the editor (T&T Guardian, July 19), correctly states that for the most part diversification of our economy means developing new goods and services that we can sell to regional and int

I was quite startled when I overheard on the BBC that the “mystery of life” was discovered by some scientists in Switzerland; they claimed Higgs boson is the answer to the derivation of man—popularly known as the “God particle”—that helps explain what gives all matter in the universe size and sha

The PNM claims the Government doesn't represent all of T&T. It suggests that’s because the Government is basically Indian.

Port-of-Spain Mayor Louis Lee Sing has opined that the new traffic plan is a success. What is successful is the fact that the Western Main Road is free of traffic. Hooray. But where has the traffic gone? To minor roads.

It has been reported that at the recent Caricom Heads of Government Meeting in St Lucia, the heads did not endorse the proposal of the T&T Government that this country should submit itself to the “partial” criminal appellate jurisdiction only of the Carib-bean Court of Justice (CCJ).