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We wish to congratulate the Hillview CAPE class of 2014 on their stellar performance in the recent examinations. We wish to express our gratitude and deep appreciation to the principal and staff and scholarship winners for the happiness that you have brought us. This is a big historical event long in coming, but coming at the most appropriate and...

I am writing to support Wayne Kublalsingh’s right to starve for his beliefs—as I believe that everyone should have the right to express their opinions and protest the injustices of the world, if they so choose, as well as the right to end their lives, if they so choose. However, I think many T&am

There is a fascinating paper entitled Body Pleasure and the Origin of Violence written by American neuropsychologist James W Prescott. In the paper, Prescott presents the results of his analysis of 400 pre-industrial societies and reveals some startling insights about the link between sexual repr

The Prime Minister needs to show leadership on the issue of gay rights and stop passing the buck by asserting that the issue is not one for the Government but for the people through a referendum. It is one thing to say it is not legally possible to pass legislation to protect the civil rights of

The government is in power because of the help of third fourth and fifth parties, in fact, each time the UNC got into power it was with the assistance of a third party, so why would they seek to implement a measure to exterminate these parties?

While some may not agree with the drastic action embarked upon by Dr Wayne Kublalsingh, to highlight the plight of the affected Mon Desir residents and the subsequent irreparable damage to the environment in the process of the building of a section of the highway through the wetlands, most of us

With the national budget having just been read, one matter which ought to be engaging the attention of the Minister of Finance is transfers and subsidies.

On one side of Gandhi Village Road lies the Mon Desir Highway being built with an unknown quantity of the carcass of the Northern Range. On the other side lies the Oropouche Lagoon in all its pristine glory.

The National Building Code Committee wishes to indicate that if a set of minimum standards is not established we cannot expect the status quo to change and will  continue to be informed via the media of the huge sums of money spent on rework and substandard materials on public projects due to poo

In December 2012 I criticised activist Wayne Kublalsingh after he was shown on television generally making light of his deteriorated condition following his first prolonged hunger strike.

This photograph was taken on September 18, on the very busy corner of Queen Street and Farfan Street in Arima. This Padmount transformer and concrete-covered manhole were all built on the pavement next to a lamp post to supply electricity to a building, whose construction was completed this year.

I have just returned to my homeland Trinidad after living in Canada for 41 years. I bought a car and could not believe how horrendous it was just to licence it; the archaic methods of that office is unbelievable. I will never buy another car.

I wish to correct a misleading portion of a story written by Ms Shaliza Hassanali in the Sunday Guardian newspaper, September 21, 2014. Additionally, I wish to provide some clarity on some contentious issues in the Las Alturas matter.

For the Scotland Referendum of September 18, 2014, voters were asked to pronounce on one item—should Scotland be an independent country.

Once again I have to vent about the lack of positive action, or I should say any action, by the relevant authority to deal with the vagrancy problem in Port-of-Spain.

The Highway Reroute Movement pretty well describes its very being and its purpose by its title. It seeks to reroute the planned highway to a more sensible, serviceable location, and certainly a less expensive one.