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A quote in the Friday newspapers about T&T not having expertise locally to run Caribbean Airlines Ltd, is insulting to me, personally, as well as to one or two other locals who I know can be available at that level of compensation. I possess more than adequate knowledge and experience having worked at a far larger and globally competitive carrier,...

Somewhere, someplace in my younger years I have a sweet memory of a big brother taking my little hands in his, tenderly stroking its fingers, observing them, opining that I had the most beautiful pair of hands in the universe, later the world, then this little island and at some point, humourousl

The Good Prime Minister took care to dress in a glorious pink sari that day. She looked perfectly the part of some radiant royal Princess of the Lotus.

The TTPS has not given up but the onus is still on citizens to assist with information they can use in investigations. This includes doctors and members of the health sector who should be encouraging their colleagues to assist the probe, not simply saying “it’s up to the police.” If they have evi

The most recent Nacta poll reported that Dr Keith Rowley and Mrs Kamla Persad-Bissessar are running neck and neck in approval ratings for the next general election.

This case is of interest to me as a medical practitioner. The Medical Board of T&T (MBTT) is comprised of all medical practitioners (doctors) fully registered under the Medical Board Act.

We have a monkey problem in Trinidad. Unlike the problems faced in New Delhi, Florida, South Africa and St Marteen, however, our problems stem from those considered most evolved of the primates—humans!

While most or almost all have condemned the West Indies cricketers (led by Dwayne Bravo) for abandoning the tour of India, as a result of their dispute with the West Indies Cricket Board and the West Indies Players Association, I ask that we spare a thought for these players. Would you like a cut

“Vox populi, vox Dei” has been an oft quoted mantra of many a local politician, from prime minister Patrick Manning to PM Kamla Persad-Bissessar. While the voice of the people may be the voice of God, the question remains who can we count on to spread the word of the Almighty?

The self explanatory cause to infer with the name "Citizens 4D Highway" may be less than meets the eye and it raises many concerns about the people in their group who are ultimately responsible for "distasteful expression." Who are the people instrumental in writing or purchasing advertisements s

Recently, my friends and I were discussing an article highlighting Khafra Kambon’s discourse in the panel discussion regarding Race Relations, Gun Violence and Human Rights. In his contribution, he basically branded our beautiful country as ‘racist against Africans’ based on T&T’s ban on Ebol

I heard the goodly inspector on Beyond the Tape say a few weeks ago, that camouflage clothing is illegal in our country. Well, something is piquing my curiosity Mr Inspector. I saw camouflage clothing on sale at a store in Arima and I was amazed.

The simple truth is that the Armstrong Committee has identified several deficiencies in the planning process leading up to the construction of the Highway. It was as a consequence of this historic and unprecedented convention of almost two dozen experts convened to study the most-costly piece of

The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) has consciously and continuously rejected the call for the restructuring of West Indies cricket, and at the level of governance, as the PJ Patterson report, which now lies somewhere in the dust halls of their boardroom, had suggested years ago. 

The marvels of modern transportation have reduced travel time between Port-of-Spain and New Delhi almost to the length of the journey between Coromandel and Chaguaramas at the turn of the 19th century. The benefits have been astounding.

I really like those Web sites like and where one can read people’s reviews on the place they have visited and the ratings given between one and five stars, with five being the highest.