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I have observed with growing interest the comments and reactions surrounding the pre-action protocol letter sent by the attorneys representing the President of the Republic of T&T to Ms Rachel Price in respect of derogatory and defamatory comments allegedly made regarding the President’s wife’s mode and choice of dress. Many have condemned the...

I have become most disheartened at environmentalist Dr Wayne Kublalsingh’s recent antics. I honestly think now he has lost the vision of why he became an environmentalist. I supported his actions from day one when I heard the mangrove was being destroyed.

Energy conservation is a global goal. This goal is mostly for the reduction of use of fossil fuels, the need to slow down climate change, save energy costs, etc.

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual community exists in T&T. Sadly our citizenry has not matured to a mindset to appreciate or respect these sexual orientations. The Catholic Church has staunchly affirmed its opposition to the concept of same sex marriages.

The company SIS and its various incarnations of associate companies has been very successful in winning the awards of numerous contracts since this administration came into power just over four years ago. I find it very interesting that this one company and its associate groups could be so well q

T&T on a whole is on a learning curve when it comes to understanding the importance of environmental valuation, preservation and management, and how this can interact with social and economic systems.

In this the little paradise of ours known as T&T blessed by God (or Allah if you prefer) with hydrocarbon resources, world player in LNG, ammonia and urea etc, envied by many for our racial harmony (in spite of the politicians), famous for our rum, roti, doubles, bake and shark, steel pan and

The newspapers reported that Planning Minister Tewarie expressed the need locally for more software developers saying, “Imagine we have all of these engineers coming out of the university and we have all of these companies that are involved in ICT and yet we do not have any apps capability in the

It is not good enough for us as a people to just not know. As such so we place ourselves in environments to grow intellectually.

My Republic Day was well spent. I went to Debe to see what all the hullaballoo was all about. Here is what I found. Most people didn’t really care and had no opinion at all. Those people who were against [the Highway Re-route Movement proposals] were all intimately connected to the UNC! 

I am writing to support Wayne Kublalsingh’s right to starve for his beliefs—as I believe that everyone should have the right to express their opinions and protest the injustices of the world, if they so choose, as well as the right to end their lives, if they so choose. However, I think many T&am

There is a fascinating paper entitled Body Pleasure and the Origin of Violence written by American neuropsychologist James W Prescott. In the paper, Prescott presents the results of his analysis of 400 pre-industrial societies and reveals some startling insights about the link between sexual repr

The Prime Minister needs to show leadership on the issue of gay rights and stop passing the buck by asserting that the issue is not one for the Government but for the people through a referendum. It is one thing to say it is not legally possible to pass legislation to protect the civil rights of

The government is in power because of the help of third fourth and fifth parties, in fact, each time the UNC got into power it was with the assistance of a third party, so why would they seek to implement a measure to exterminate these parties?

While some may not agree with the drastic action embarked upon by Dr Wayne Kublalsingh, to highlight the plight of the affected Mon Desir residents and the subsequent irreparable damage to the environment in the process of the building of a section of the highway through the wetlands, most of us

With the national budget having just been read, one matter which ought to be engaging the attention of the Minister of Finance is transfers and subsidies.