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Cesco comes to Fiesta Plaza

Sunday, September 9, 2012
Cesco Emmanuel. Photo courtesy Alan Swinton


If you know the 90s alt/rock bands the Brothers Grimm and Big Eyed Grieve, or (going further back in time) big metal band Warhead, you know the guitarist and songwriter Cesco Emmanuel. Cesco, as he’s known, has been playing and recording as a soloist in the past decade, alongside his work with such bands as The Sonic Revival Project and Canadian/Trini band Kobo Town. Cesco’s solo material has a mellowed acoustic guitar-driven sound that shows his chops as a guitarist and songwriter both. He’ll perform music from his latest solo album Side One: Journey Within, September 15, 8.30 pm, at Fiesta Plaza, MovieTowne, Invader’s Bay. Admission is free.