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Last week, we discussed exit options for family businesses with intention to follow up with a look at emotional value and how this affects the sales process. 

The critics of the Cable & Wireless Communications acquisition of Flow are out in earnest. But have these detractors taken an equitable look at the background?

There may well be consequent loss of jobs, but where did the present employment originate? 

Contract workers employed with the Government of T&T are being exploited. 

I would like to thank the Colm Imbert for taking the time to respond to a letter I had published over the weekend with regards to the current oil price situation. It is quite refreshing to see busy parliamentarians willing to debate with common folk.

This is in response to an article in the November 13 Business Guardian in which it is stated that “increase in oil production will not happen unless the companies are prepared to drill deep into the Cretaceous.” No reasons were advanced to support this statement.

I have often said that a company is simply a group of people, and that the most important part of any business is its people. At Virgin Galactic, our space tourism venture, this has never been truer; especially in the days since last month’s tragedy over California’s Mojave Desert.

The recent IPCC Fifth Assessment Report on global warming and climate change concluded that if quick and sustained action to reduce carbon emissions was avoided, climate change would inflict “severe, widespread and irreversible impacts” on the world.

The word “risk” is one of the most ubiquitous concepts in that it is present in everything that we do. Every action or even inaction carries a risk. Risk is something that can either be accepted, managed, transferred or avoided.

In a rapidly globalising world, heritage has become a focal point of regional identity and has increasingly become a resource in the field of local development, job creation and promoting the image of a region, rendering it attractive to companies that are considering establishing themselves in a

To find out how much energy security has mattered in the Pacific’s recent history, ask the Japanese.