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Tobago is expecting to earn $37 million from a major sport tourism event the island launched last week Thursday at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad hotel in Port-of-Spain.

Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services, which scores 86 banking systems across the globe under its Banking Industry Country Risk Assessment (BICRA) methodology, awarded T&T a BICRA score of 5, suggesting that T&T’s banking industry can be considered to be of “medium risk” compared to the

Q: When everything goes right in a business, things feel easy and rewarding. When things go wrong, you have to learn how to fix them and move forward. What was one of the biggest mistakes you ever made in business, and how did you correct it and bounce back?

Companies in T&T are still lagging behind in technology use and need to do more to implement relevant software systems to make their businesses more efficient, said Derrick Villeneuve, director of strategy and chairman, Davyn.

Last week, Consolidated Energy Ltd (CEL), the company that is now the 100 per cent owner of Methanol Holdings (Trinidad) Ltd, wrote to Guardian Media Ltd complaining about the column headlined “Should NIB, UTC and NEL invest in MHTL shares?” that I wrote in this space in the October 9 edition of

Healthcare, which usually evolves quite slowly, is being revolutionised by the Internet, broadband access, software innovations, hardware inventions, mobile apps and wearable devices.

Q: I wonder if you can make suggestions about how to make business partnerships work when your partners don’t see eye-to-eye.

—Velma Ganassini

ExporTT has celebrated its first successful Inward Buyers’ Mission. Barbados-based company Sunshine Industries (Barbados) Ltd, located in St Michael, would be importing 20 shipping containers of Twist brand of juices from manufacturer Brava International Ltd. 

While oil-rich Bahrain has its man-made Amwaj Islands and Dubai its artificially built Palm Islands, which houses the famous Burj Al Arab seven-star hotel, T&T is another energy- rich country in line to build its own artificial island.

On May 18, in an interview in the Sunday BG under the headline “Sale of Clico under ‘active’ consideration’,” Finance Minister Larry Howai outlined two options for the sale of the insurance company’s traditional portfolio: dismantle the book of business and sell the component pieces to local and