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Location + mobility = local opportunity

How mobile apps are connecting local customers to local services
Thursday, February 27, 2014
Technology Matters

The rise of mobile-enabled location sharing is creating a new, more personalised type of social network. Supporting this is a new wave of apps and platforms that is quickly gaining traction. The technology, know as location-based services, is poised to transform the way people use technology to address everyday problems. The implications and opportunities for software developers, marketers, customer relationship managers are vast and far-reaching. 


Where are you now?


Take example the common question: where are you now? It’s the question a parent might ask a child, or a spouse their partner, or an employer their employee, by text messaging or by phone calls, several times a day. If there is no immediate answer, the uncertainty can you leave waiting, wondering and even worrying. Did she make it back from school? Is he still at the office or hanging out with friends? 


Several apps, know as location-based services, have emerged to address this problem. One, for example, is Life360, a smartphone app that creates a closed social network for families and groups. 


The app offers messaging, group chat, and even a map that lets you see in real-time where group members are. The maps also mark the locations of hospitals, police stations, and even nearby crime data. The app allows users to save favorite locations, such as home or school, and receive an alert when a member of your group member arrives at those locations.