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Why mobile is the new Web

Mobile opportunities for business
Thursday, March 6, 2014
Technology Matters

Do you find yourself using your mobile phone a lot more than your PC of late? If so, you’re not alone. 


Demand for mobile data and broadband services is growing at a remarkable pace. With this increasing appetite for mobile data, there is substantial need for new approaches and new business models for providing new customer experiences and monetising mobile data opportunity.



Shifting consumer behaviour



According to a new Nielsen report, the average American now spends more time in front of their smartphone than in front of a PC. Last December, American smartphone owners spent an average of 34 hours and 21 minutes using their devices, spread out amongst an average of seven daily sessions each. American online PC usage, meanwhile, was a cumulative 26 hours, 58 minutes per month.


And what, exactly, did they spend that time doing? The largest chunk of smartphone online-time was using social media apps like Twitter and Facebook (29 per cent), while just 12 per cent of screen time was devoted to more traditional communications. Productivity apps (11 per cent), games (nine per cent) and entertainment (six per cent) round out the top five.