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31 years in business - Unique Scale balances service and success

Thursday, May 1, 2014
Francisca Nandoo-Hamid, managing director of Unique Scale Service Ltd, with her mother and general manager, Jo-Ann Nandoo. PHOTOS: KRISTIAN DE SILVA

Come August 2, 2014, family-owned Unique Scale Service Ltd will be in business for 31 years. The Coronation Street, Aranguez-based company sells and services precision top-loading balances, concrete and batch weighers, drum-filling scales, truck scales, crane scales, floor scales, warehouse scales, supermarket scales. 


The list is endless.


Unique Scale was started by Wellsely and Jo-Ann Nandoo as a service company, opting 15 years later to also sell scales. Unfortunately, Wellsely passed away suddenly in 2011.


His managing director’s role has been assumed by their daughter Francisca Nandoo-Hamid, 34. Jo-Ann is the general manager.


“Francisca came in 11 years ago. When he died, I wasn’t interested any more. The business is now hers,” Jo-Ann said.


Nandoo-Hamid interjected to say, “If I’m out, she has to be here.”


While she attended St Augustine Private School, Nandoo-Hamid worked on weekends and during holidays as a receptionist, did sales, accounting and can handle services.


“I was Daddy’s secretary,” Nandoo-Hamid said.


The original base for the company was at 21 Newalloville, Mission Road, San Juan, where the family lived. The garage was the workshop, which was converted into an office. Five years later, they shifted operations to 36 Newalloville and hired a secretary. Unique Scale now has 12 employees and plans to hire two more this month because it wants to strengthen its service team.