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Prestige Business Publications celebrates 14 years

Thursday, June 12, 2014
Richard Lewis, chairman of Prestige Business Publications.

T&T needs to do more to promote itself as a business destination to foreign investors, said Richard Lewis, chairman of Prestige Business Publications.


“We need to focus on the fact that like every other business in the world, the country is a business and we need to portray ourselves as a business, which means investments in tourism, petrochemicals, banking or whichever part of the economy. The fact is no one writes marketing material, which says that their business is not good. They always focus on the positive aspects of the product that is being sold,” he told the Business Guardian.


The three magazines produced by Prestige Business Publications are: Who’s Who in T&T Business, Business T&T and Ins and Out of T&T. These publications focus on businesses and companies in T&T, attracting foreign investment and promoting T&T as a tourism destination.


Lewis said sometimes too many negatives aspects of T&T get aired in the news, which hurts the country’s image as an investment destination.


“Unfortunately, the very nature of what we have come from and where we are now, mean we need as much positive marketing as possible. No matter how you brand or how successful your business or economy is, if you cannot communicate this, then we cannot go anywhere. T&T has a good product to sell. T&T is a business-oriented country.”


He said his three different publications portrays T&T in a positive light which invite investors to come to T&T.