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Sacha Cosmetics now in 27 countries

Thursday, July 24, 2014
Kama Maharaj, managing director, Sacha Cosmetics PHOTOS: SHASTRI BOODAN

Sacha Cosmetics’ 35th anniversary finds the beauty company expanding its plant and breaking into new markets, said Kama Maharaj, managing director of Sacha Cosmetics. “We are building an additional 20,000 square feet of factory and warehouse space to facilitate our expansion in Cuba, North America and Panama. The projected expansion cost is $5 million,” he told the Business Guardian in an interview last Friday at the company’s base in Freeport.


Sacha Cosmetics now employs 130 employees.


Maharaj said his employees’ skills are good by global standards.


“My employees are all local. The web design is by a local. Our social media campaign is all local. We had a German graphic designer come here, and was very talented, but he could not design for us and we eventually replaced him with a local,” he said.


Maharaj said Sacha Cosmetics spends about 20 per cent of its annual budget on research and development.


“However, we get this return on investment through sales,” he said.


Last week Sacha Cosmetics celebrated its 35th year in existence growing from humble operations in Maharaj’s backyard in central Trinidad to a brand recognised beyond T&T.


Today, the company manufactures make up for women with exotic skin tones, such as African, Indian, Latin, Asian, Mediterranean, among others.


Maharaj said it is the first and only line of make up in the world that is halal certified.