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Toward a single Caribbean ICT space

Implementation keys
Thursday, August 14, 2014
Technology Matters

In 1989, the Caribbean Community (Caricom) Single Market and Economy (CSME) was announced as an initiative “to deepen the integration movement and to better respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by globalisation.” In the proceeding years, both the challenges and opportunities for the Caribbean have increased. As the potential of globalisation evolved into a new global reality, Caribbean economies and Caribbean society have undergone unprecedented transformation. Today, the question of deeper regional integration is not just an ideal, it is an imperative for the region’s survival.

Rationale for space 

The Single Market and Economy was envisioned to provide for the free movement of capital, skilled labour, and the freedom to establish business enterprises anywhere within Caricom. It was intended to foster greater economic cooperation and greater social cohesion among participating member states. Telecommunications has always been foundational to the twin ambitions of economic and social development. 

Advances in information and communications technology have radically altered the options and operations of business and governments. 

In particular, the Internet, mobile computing and the proliferation of web and mobile applications has permanently transformed how we interact and transact. It is perfectly reasonable, therefore, that any movement toward national development or regional integration must, of necessity, incorporate strategic appropriation of information and communications technology.