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Angostura to feature on Discovery Channel

Thursday, April 21, 2011
Angostura’s Master Distiller John Geroges, left, and Corporate Communications Manager Giselle La Ronde-West, next to him, are drawn to the shot which WAGTV Producer Emma Martins, right, and Discovery Channel Cameraman Peter Thorn, are filming, when the crew visited the Angostura Compound, Laventille, yesterday, to record footage for an upcoming programme. Photo: Keith Matthews

The Discovery Channel has targeted T&T rum manufacturers, Angostura, to be featured in it’s popular television series How Do They Do That. The half hour long series which focuses on the science that goes into making modern everyday objects, will focus on two projects in T&T, the rum making process at Angostura and the natural asphalt at the Pitch Lake in La Brea.The crew spoke to reporters after wrapping up filming yesterday at Angostura’s compound in Laventille.

Producer for the series, Emma Martins told reporters that she felt T&T was the obvious choice for a documentary on the rum-making process as Angostura struck her as one of the best rum makers.
She expressed interest in filming the process of making bitters but said the secrecy behind the ingredients in bitters made filming tricky. Corporate Communications Manager, Giselle La Ronde-West said they were very excited when they received the call from Discovery Channel, saying that they wanted to do the documentary. “Out of all the rums all over the world, for them to choose Angostura rum was a great thing for us,” said La Ronde-West. The series, which provides a learning experience for viewers, is expected to be shown on the Discovery Channel in August.