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B’dos Economy Minister coming to T&T

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Economy Minister of Barbados Donville Inniss will address the first quarterly luncheon of T&T Chamber of Industry and Commerce tomorrow. In his feature address he will outline his government’s plans for turning the Barbadian economy around. Inniss acknowledged that there are concerns about what has been happening with the Barbados economy and said there is need some level of assurance from the government that T&T investments in Barbados are safe. He said he planned to “provide that level of comfort to the Trinidadian investors on this matter”. Inniss said Barbados is still an attractive place for investment “in spite of all that is being said negatively out there in some quarters”. 

“We are still perhaps one of the better places in the Caribbean for investment, and the goal here as well is to indicate to other Trinidadian investors who have not yet come into Barbados that we are open for business and we welcome their investment,” Inniss said. He said while there had been concerns about Trinidadians going into Barbados and “taking over some of our prized industries and businesses”, he said that “we have to be mature and responsible enough to put that behind us and focus on how we can help Barbadian businesses get into the Trinidad market.”