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Ministry to decide on mining zones

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Public and stakeholder consultations will be conducted before the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs (MEEA) makes a final decision on establishment of mining zones in T&T. The ministry gave this assurance in response public concerns on the matter. A recent statement from the ministry said that GWP Consultants LLP of the United Kingdom was awarded a contract to do a Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA) for establishment of mining zones under the Minerals Act 2000. 


The SEIA was conducted at all locations where quarrying activities took place and recommendations were made on areas that should be considered for designation as mining zones. The statement continued: “The Ministry further stresses that before any decision is made as to the designation of mining zones, such a decision will be subject to public and stakeholder consultation throughout the course of this year. 


“The MEEA recognises that a properly functioning quarrying sector must take into account the balance of impact the sector has on the environment and its critical role in the functioning of the national economy where it supports the construction sector.”