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Grenada seeks three-year wage freeze

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

ST GEORGE’S—The Grenada government is calling on trade unions to accept a three-year wage freeze as it seeks to enter into an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to deal with an ailing economy. Minister of Economic Development, Planning and Trade, Oliver Joseph, told radio and television viewers the Keith Mitchell administration was seeking assurances from trade unions ahead of signing and submitting a letter of intent to the Washington-based financial institution.


“I want to appeal to all the Grenadian people to work with us. This is a national issue, this is not a political issue. We are about nation building, we have this long term plan to see Grenada out of this fiscal situation it is in, and at the end Grenada will benefit,” Joseph said.


“The letter of intent has not been signed as yet. In the letter of intent (it) explains the intention of the government. The letter of intent could have been signed today or it could be signed tomorrow (but) the government decide let us have discussion with the unions because what the IMF is saying you as a government said to us over the three year period there would be no increase, but we want to see a signed document by the unions committing to that.”