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Shipbuilder displays patrol boat at Chaguaramas

Wednesday, February 5, 2014
The Damen Stan Patrol 4207 during the demonstration off Chaguaramas.

Representatives of Damen Shipyards Group were on hand at Crew’s Inn, Chaguaramas, recently to deliver a presentation on Developments in Patrol Ship Design. Invitees were not only privy to information on the company’s latest innovations, but were also treated to a first-hand look at the Damen Stan Patrol 4207. The vessel was actually on its way to Honduras to be part of that country’s enhanced Coast Guard fleet. Damen, however, took the opportunity to make a short stop in Trinidad to give stakeholders a closer view of the vessel. 


Stan Patrol vessels are used for a wide variety of tasks in harbours, coastal waters and offshore to patrol the borders of a country’s exclusive economic zone. The vessel displayed at Chaguanas is outfitted with quarters for a crew of 20 persons. It is a self-contained platform, providing surveillance and communication and can reach speeds of 26.3 knots with a range of about 700 nautical miles at maximum speed. 


The vessel is already in use in Barbados, Jamaica, Canada, the Dutch Antilles and Mexico. It has recently been ordered by the Bahamas Defence Force and a larger 47-metre version will be the backbone of the new Coastguard fleet in the United States. The Damen Shipyards Group is a multinational company with more 38 shipyards.