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Scotiabank debuts new look credit cards

Monday, February 17, 2014

Scotiabank has boosted its significant presence in T&T’s credit card market with the launch new designs for its card. 



“Scotiabank has a sizeable chunk of the credit card market in T&T. Our marketshare is significant and from a dollar value standpoint  and from a number of cards standpoint we are close to about one third of the market. Our card base has been growing significantly and our fast growing cards are actually the Aero and Magna Cards,” said Savon Persad, senior general manager, Retail and Small Business, Scotiabank, during the launch at Scotia Centre, Richmond Street, Port-of-Spain.



The design applies to four of the bank’s credit cards—the standard or classic Master Card, the Magna Card, the Gold Card and the Aero Card. 



“The current designs of our credit cards are over a decade old. We thought we needed to redesign the card to create a better brand connection, a stronger connection to the Scotiabank brand. “Also, a design that supports stronger brand resonance that create loyalty. It creates a consistency across all cards not only in T&T but the plan is there will be a consistency of designs across the region for both the Caribbean and Latin America,” Persad said.