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Driver: Trade delegations can sell T&T’s energy services

Monday, February 24, 2014

To sell energy services abroad there needs to be trade delegations in those countries, Dax Driver, CEO, Energy Chamber of T&T has told the T&T Guardian. Driver was referring to a report last week on his statements at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, where he spoke from the floor at the Joint Dialogue on T&T Private Sector Assessment Report (TT-PSAR).



“I was talking about the potential for exporting energy services which was the entire point of discussion. I made the point that to sell services you needed to have someone on the ground constantly looking at business opportunities.



I contrasted T&T overseas missions with the missions of countries which were competing against in terms of selling energy services, such as the US, UK and Norway and pointed out that those countries had strong presence on the ground in the markets that we have identified as good potential targets such as Ghana and Tanzania,” he said. Driver said T&T has missions in three African countries—Nigeria, Uganda and South Africa. 


“This is a great start but we need to have a much stronger permanent trade delegation presence in those markets and in Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya,” he said.