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Nidco meets with Venezuelans on sea bridge to T&T

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Representatives of Venezuela and T&T analysed options to create a maritime route between both nations, with a view to favoring connections for the tourist sector, Venezuelan government officials told Prensa Latina on February 21. According to the Aquatic and Air Transportation Ministry, officials of Venezuelan entities and of the National Infrastructure Development Company (Nidco) participated in the meeting. The report underscored the government ownership of Nidco.


The hosts expressed their interest in that project to connect the localities of Cumana, in Sucre state, and Port-of-Spain (Puerto España), with ships from the state-owned ferry company La Nueva Conferry. Nidco, the report said, proposed using 41-metre-long water jet-propelled catamarans, with an 11-metre-long beam and a two-metre-deep draft and capacity for 405 passengers. These boats were built in 2010 and meet international maritime classification standards, the agency said.


In the meeting, Nidco and the Venezuelan government ministry were reported to have “dealt with all the legal, technical and operational aspects, trying to make the establishment of this maritime route feasible.” 



Aleem Khan