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Contractor wins award for river project

Friday, March 7, 2014
Reconstructive work being done on the 200 linear metre concrete sewer pipe at the Vistabella River by workmen from Trinidad Contractors Ltd.

Trinidad Cement Ltd (TCL) has congratulated Trinidad Contractors Ltd on receiving the Civil Engineering Contractor of the Year Award (2012/2013) from the Trinidad and Tobago Contractors’ Association (TTCA). The company won the award for its reconstructive work of the 200 linear metre concrete sewer pipe at the Vistabella River. TCL’s cement was used for the project.
The sewage pipe, which was initially laid in the early sixties, was in dire need of repair as fractures caused by river bank erosion appeared along its length.  Trinidad Contractors Ltd was hired by the Water and Sewage Authority (WASA) to rectify the sewage pipe and reconstruction work took place from November 2012 to August 2013.

The company used TCL’s Type II Cement, referred to as Sulphur Resistant (SR) Cement, which is designed to withstand the eroding properties found in the sulphates prevalent in some water sources. A significant amount of the cement was used in the project.  Trinidad Contractors Ltd’s managing director, Rameshwar Mahabir said: “As a local contractor in business for the past 54 years, we have always taken pride in utilising locally available materials. It was indeed a privilege to have Trinidad Cement Ltd as a supplier for the main ingredient of the concrete mixture.  
“TCL’s product is fully compliant with international standards and the company has always been prompt in fulfilling our request for cement, even at short notices. Trinidad Contractors Ltd looks forward to working with TCL on future projects.”