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Seafood company selling frozen tilapia

Tuesday, March 11, 2014
This Ministry of Food Production sign, situated outside the head office of the Seafood Industry Development Company Ltd, Uriah Butler Highway, Charlieville, promotes the sale of tilapia.

Frozen tilapia is now on sale! Last Friday, the Ministry of Food Production launched the sale of frozen tilapia to the public at the Seafood Industry Development Company Ltd (SIDC), Uriah Butler Highway, Charlieville. A statement signed by Brian Baig, chairman of the SIDC, said, “This initiative strengthens the progress made by the ministry in supporting the aquaculture sub-sector as it seeks to develop commercial marketing arrangements.

“The SIDC and the Ministry of Food Production continue to offer tilapia feed to farmers at cost price, training and technical advice, as well as a consumer education programme to increase awareness, acceptability, and consumption of aquatic food.” Baig said in the statement that one of Government’s stated goals is to develop agriculture and food security. “The National Food Production Action Plan (2012–2015), among other areas, identified the aquaculture sub-sector for development. This is a major area of emphasis in a volatile commodity market and will be the bedrock of greater national self-sufficiency, which will lead to a revitalisation of the farming and food production sectors.