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Cleaning environment is everyone’s job

Saturday, April 12, 2014

If every able-bodied person, including upper and middle-class prigs who feel they are too important to clean, simply co-operates in cleaning all water courses on a fixed schedule, year round, the annual dengue surge would be one less problem to contend with. 



But no. Everybody thinks his/her taxes ought to make a few thousand Cepep and URP workers available to clean up water courses, empty stagnant water at their homes and work places all over the country year-round. Well, keep thinking that way and bury your dengue defeated friends and relatives.  Watch the deadly mosquitoes come and say, “not my problem, that is Insect Vector Control, Cepep and URP’s work. It’s the government’s fault.” 


Blame who you like. It’s your fault if dengue mosquito species (black and silver) are in your home because they are breeding in the stagnant public drain in front your home, or in stagnant water held in containers, tyres, unfilled holes, your clogged guttering. You choose to wait for Cepep, URP or the insect vector control agents to clean it. In your idle wait dengue infects you or your loved ones or strangers. 



In Singapore people believe anti-littering is a good law so they support it. Littering is against the law in T&T too. Trinis admit it’s a good law but they don’t support it. We know this problem isn’t going away in this generation or the next since this generation isn’t changing gear from blatant lack of environmental hygiene. Their children, tens of thousands of them, are very committed to following the filth-tolerant model they grew up with. 


As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Adults do rather than say what they mean. The action of littering, of tolerance of litter, of tolerance of unkempt living conditions teach children to ignore the hypocritical environmental hygiene talk given by adults. 



Sarah Parks
via e-mail