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Galaxy S5 debuts at The Falls

Monday, April 14, 2014
These young women were part of the buzz at bmobile Westmall for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 took centre stage at bmobile’s the Falls at West Mall’s Retail Store when it officially went on sale to the general public on April 8. Slim line, sexy and in the colours of black and white (and coming soon blue and copper gold), the phone caught the attention of customers who came to see it up close and even those going about the ordinary business of topping up their cell phones and paying mobile bills.


The Samsung representatives kept customers engaged with trivia questions about the Galaxy S5 device and games like Spin the Wheel and Plinko—all for a chance at winning Samsung bags and accessories for their mobile devices. Kashif Greaves, blink bmobile’s Marketing Analyst—Handset Pricing and Strategy, Mobile Operations Distribution and Prepaid Services, said since the Galaxy S5 was launched, interest in the device has been constant. Pre-orders on the night of the official launch of the Galaxy S5 exceeded 150. 


“We were over-subscribed,” he said. The public launch of the device was done to give customers an interactive look at the newest device in the Samsung Android family. “We wanted them to fully explore the device in a relaxed environment.” Greaves said the Galaxy S5 is a robust device that is water, dust and shock resistant. “It features a 4K or ultra video resolution, 128 gigs expandable memory and 2800mAh battery capacity.”


Users of the Galaxy S5 can’t be pigeon holed to a particular profile, Greaves added, since the device can be used by anyone from the professional to the student and the socialite.