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New CEO plans to reposition Liat

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

ST JOHN’S—Briton David Evans, the newly appointed CEO of cash-strapped regional airline, Liat, began his tenure on Monday promising to listen to “those closest to the customers and who have the best insight into what the customers want”. Evans, who succeeds Ian Brunton who resigned in September 2013, has spent decades in senior roles within the aviation industry. 



“The years I have spent in the airline business have taught me that there is no monopoly of wisdom in the CEO’s office,” Evans said, underscoring the value of listening to the various stakeholders. The former Caribbean area manager for British Airways said he plans to begin his duties by listening to those “who definitely know the airline much better than I do”.


Leveraging his experience working in 14 countries and more than four continents, Evans said he would be staying true to the mantra of “keeping it simple” and avoid over complicating messages as he seeks to reposition Liat as the airline “of the Caribbean and for the Caribbean”. The company, with the assistance of a loan from the Barbados-based Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), is engaged in a refleeting exercise        and Evans said the new ATR aircraft represent a major opportunity to enhance the in-flight experience.