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New trade milestone for TTBizLink

Saturday, May 24, 2014

CrimsonLogic, a leading provider of eGovernment solutions and services headquartered in Singapore, announced that five new E-Services on TTBizLink will be launched by Trade Minister Vasant Bharath. 



Developed by CrimsonLogic, TTBizLink is a single electronic window (SEW) for trade, investment and business facilitation built for Government. The e-services going live are: E-Goods Declaration, E-Maritime Services, E-Vendor Registration, E-National Insurance Board Registration, E-Board of Inland Revenue and E-Value Added Tax Registration.


TTBizLink is the second SEW built by CrimsonLogic that integrates a host of business facilitation e-services to improve the ease of doing business.  Other SEW systems by the company were mainly focused on international trade and automation of import and export documentation. The TTBizLink system was able to successfully reduce transaction times significantly, enabling T&T to enhance its overall international competitiveness for trade, foreign investments and the ease of doing business.