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Fighting crime must be a community effort

Thursday, June 5, 2014

T&T has again been thrown off-balance, precariously so, by the barbaric slaying of brothers Jadel Holder, 9, and Jamal Brathwaite, 15. Even though the country is in the horrendous grips of an almost avalanche of homicides this particular case no doubt has torn us apart emotionally obviously because of the tender ages of the victims.


And of course the nation quite rightly has been thrown into righteous rage so much so that words are hard to describe what happened last weekend and, inevitably, the pain has been exacerbated by the recent gunning down of prominent attorney Dana Seetahal SC. We were now settling down to the gut-wrenching assassination of Seetahal, when the lads were taken out no doubt by some form of devilish beasts in human form.


These stone-hearted zombies have sent a very clear signal, although their intentions were never in doubt, that they had absolutely no regard for the sanctity of life and would stop at nothing in their diabolical quest to out the lights of their prey. I have repeatedly said in this space that the major factor in the spiralling homicides is the absolutely dismal detection rate for murders by the men and women of the T&T Police Service, a position I am certain most citizens would agree with.