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Vmcott opens $2m car wash

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Vmcott chairman Joe Pires drives though the automated carwash which was formally opened at Union Hall, Cross Crossing, San Fernando yesterday. PHOTO: KRISTIAN DE SILVA

After years of unprofitability the Vehicle Management Corporation of T&T (Vmcott) is seeking to become financially viable with the opening of a $2 million fully automated car wash in San Fernando. Vmcott chairman Joe Pires, speaking at the formal opening of the new facility at Union Hall, Cross Crossing yesterday said the car wash is one of several initiatives aimed at turning the company around.



Pires said Vmcott had been created to service government and police vehicles “but we recognise that we have to cater for other consumers for it to become even more viable.” He said the company is hoping to triple its customer base through several new initiatives, including a gas station at its Beetham compound on the Priority Bus Route. “Within the next year we would have turned the company around and make it profitable. For the last five years Vmcott has not been profitable,” he said. 


Pires said for two years the automated equipment for the car wash had been lying idle until a new board took over at Vmcott one year ago and made it a priority to have the facility up and running. “We feel satisfied that the facility will take us one step closer to where we want to be,” he said. After the formal ceremony, Pires told reporters the facility is “one of many prongs that we are attacking our sales and marketing with.” He said he was confident customers would be attracted to the car wash because of the reasonable prices.


“It is a fully automated system, it is quick system. It does everything, under wash, wash tires. It does what every single car wash does at a fraction of the cost,” he said. The facility operates 24 hours a day from Mondays to Sundays and will offer competitive prices ranging from $30 for a basic wash to $75 for a premium wash which takes just under ten minutes and includes polish and under carriage wash.


The equipment, which has a maximum height allowance of 84 inches, is a brushless system that will not scrape the vehicle’s paint. Additionally, the solution that is used in the wash is stain resistant, Vmcott acting CEO Ramesh Lackhan said the new facility was just one of the new innovations the public can look forward to from the company in the near future.