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Scotiabank shares fall by $0.08

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Overall market activity resulted from trading in 13 securities, of which one advanced, one declined and 11 traded firm. Trading activity on the first tier market registered a volume of 374,779 shares crossing the floor of the stock exchange valued at $771,389.54. Trinidad Cement Ltd was the volume leader with 166,955 shares changing hands for a value of $325,562.25, followed by Scotia Investments Jamaica Ltd with a volume of 87,754 shares being traded for $135,141.16. 


Jamaica Money Market Brokers Ltd contributed 81,000 shares with a value of $36,450.00, while National Flour Mills Ltd added 21,043 shares valued at $21,043.00. Trinidad Cement Ltd enjoyed the day’s sole price increase, climbing $0.02 to end the day at $1.95. Conversely, Scotiabank T&T Ltd suffered the day’s sole decline, falling $0.08 to end the day at $68.65.


On the mutual fund market 50,898 shares changed hands for a value of $742,328.50. Clico Investment Fund was the most active security, with a volume of 31,000 shares valued at $671,690.60. Clico Investment Fund remained at $21.67. Praetorian Property Mutual Fund remained at $3.55. The second tier market did not witness any activity.