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‘Offline social network’ to launch in T&T

Saturday, August 2, 2014
Ty Richardson

YoPro Global, a social impact community for graduates and young professionals, has announced plans to start its first international community in Port-of-Spain, as it launches a global campaign to start 75 cities in 78 weeks worldwide, while capturing the entire experience then making a documentary about starting “the world’s first offline social network.”

The company’s objective is to provide an eco-system for graduating students and young professionals, where they have a forum to explore career interests, interact with experienced professionals, make friends and find resources that advance their careers. 

The company first launched its beta web site in March 2013 and has since made revisions based on the user interaction. 

The company is on its third web site iteration and plans to unveil a new web site in 2015.

As part of its roll-out, YoPro has launched a campaign to expand to 75 cities worldwide. 

The Community Project, the name of the campaign, takes YoPro’s CEO, Dr Ty Richardson, and YoPro’s director of communities, Brett Torina, and additional staff members, to each of the 75 cities, one week at a time, where they meet with influencers, young professionals and local media to execute five events over the course of the week. 

The events are targeted to start-up founders, young professionals, graduates and passion-seekers. To commence this campaign, the team has selected Port-of-Spain as the first location to launch a community, based on where CEO, Dr Ty Richardson was born.

“I’m truly honoured that the team has selected Trinidad to launch YoPro Internationally. With such a rich history and vibrant culture, I believe Trinidad is the perfect location for the launch of our campaign, showcasing diversity and inclusion as the cornerstone of what we represent at YoPro”, said Dr Richardson. 

“Starting YoPro’s international communities, where I ‘started,’ is symbolic in its own right, but more importantly, I can get a good doubles while I’m there.” 

YoPro intends to launch Port-of-Spain as its first community on its 75-city campaign, commencing on August 25, with a week of activities which includes a demo night for start-up and early stage companies, and a presentation entitled From Trinidad to the World: One Trini’s Journey Around the World and the Steps he took to do it. 

This will be followed by a small career fair and the launch party and ribbon-cutting to officially launch YoPro in T&T entitled YoPro’s Las Lap Lime which will round-out YoPro’s launch and wrap up summer break in Trinidad, as students return to school the next Monday. 

YoPro’s team will then head to Toronto, Canada as the next stop on the campaign.

The organisation will announce the venue and sponsors for the events on its Facebook page, YoPro Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, through a series of competitions and contests for free tickets.

n For more information and ticket purchases, visit, the official website of The Community Project, or e-mail [email protected]