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TechnoKids kicks off in Tobago

Saturday, August 2, 2014
A caregiver demonstrates proper use of a tablet device to children at Tobago TechnoKids 2014.

Twelve children in Tobago were exposed to the world of technology with hands-on training in programming. 

blink | bmobile in collaboration with the National Energy Skills Sector (NESC), MIC, Ytepp, Costaatt and UTT, have all made this programme possible, with the introduction of TechnoKids Camp. 

This is the first time that this programme is being hosted in Tobago, and the second time it is being done on a national level. 

In sharing how proud the blink | bmobile Foundation was to be a sponsor of the TechnoKids Programme, Ronald Walcott, executive vice president of bmobile Service and Operations, said: “It is great to see these young children excelling at the programming exercises. This is the second year blink | bmobile is involved as a corporate sponsor and we welcome the opportunity to support the development of our youth and the future of our mobile apps industry. We hope the exciting format of the camp causes a passion for technology to take root in them because our industry needs more local talent and innovators.” 

Tablets are being used by the TechnoKids as part of their training. 

These versatile mobile devices were donated by blink | bmobile, to promote familiarity with mobile apps and help the children develop presentation skills. Similar programmes are also ongoing in 14 other locations in T&T. According to organisers of the programme in Tobago, the objective is to expose the young minds to the world of computers such as basic animation using 2D techniques. 

Acting training centre official at the Tobago Technology Centre, Zelma Cowie, said the course is taking place through August 7, with children aged 6-8, a combination of males and females. 

“On Tuesday, July 29, MovieTowne observed the animation concepts learnt during the sessions,” Cowie said. 

The teaching of the programme is taking place entirely on the Ytepp mobile computer bus.