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CAL not hurt by increased competition on US routes

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Caribbean Airlines Ltd (CAL) officials say the airline has been doing well on the Port-of-Spain/New York route even with increased competition following the arrival of JetBlue in late February. The US carrier has been offering cheaper flights on the route. In response to questions from the T&T Guardian, CAL said in a statement: “Yes, competition will impact on our loads. However, we continue to record strong passenger loads on the New York route during the summer, which traditionally is one of our peak periods.”

CAL said for July the airline recorded healthy passenger loads on the route, adding that “passengers travelled from and to New York on Caribbean Airlines direct services in and out of other destinations including Guyana, Tobago and Grenada.” On the Port-of-Spain/Fort Lauderdale route, the airline said it remained superior to its competitors.

“Caribbean Airlines operated more return flights to Fort Lauderdale in July 2014, recording an increase in passenger numbers when compared to 2013. With daily services to Fort Lauderdale and Miami and five weekly services to Orlando, Caribbean Airlines has the most flights between South Florida and the Caribbean than any other air carrier.”