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ExporTT CEO: T&T companies ready for Cuba

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Adrian Theodore, CEO of exporTT, believes companies in T&T have what it takes to do well in the Cuba and markets.

“We see an opportunity and we have what Cuba needs in terms of ability to supply from a quantity and quality standpoint,” he told the T&T Guardian during a tour of the Carib Glass and Carib Brewery plants  in Champ Fleurs by Cuban Ambassador to T&T Guillermo Vazquez.

Theodore, who praised the Ansa McAL Group for doing its homework on the Cuban market, said: “I think because the market in Cuba is changing right now, what you will be seeing is an increase in terms of the connections and travels to that market.” He also said the Cuban Embassy had been very helpful in building business and commercial ties between the two countries.

“They gave us guidance on how things should be done in that market. We also have the benefit of location versus a lot of other people who are interested in that market,” he said.

Ian MacDonald, newly appointed CEO of Carib Brewery, who had a private meeting with the Cuban Ambassador following the tour, expressed confidence that the company will do well in the Cuban market.

“We have got many hidden treasures in T&T, one of them being the products from Carib. Shandy will be an excellent fit and a number of our brands will be well received. There is equity in the Carib brand,” MacDonald said.