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WASHINGTON—The Federal Reserve plans to keep a key interest rate at a record low to support a US job market that’s improving but still isn’t fully healthy and to help boost unusually low inflation.

Overall Market activity resulted from trading in 13 securities of which two advanced, one declined and ten traded firm. Trading activity on the first tier market registered a volume of 493,374 shares crossing the floor of the Exchange valued at $1,085,319.49. 

Even though oil prices showed slight improvement yesterday, TOSL Engineering Ltd chief executive officer Shazan Ali says Government should exercise caution with its spending on capital projects.

STATESBORO, Georgia—A former investment adviser was sentenced to 30 years in prison Tuesday for committing fraud that fuelled a bank’s collapse, cost investors millions of dollars and turned the accused banker into a fugitive who was ult

Transport Minister Stephen Cadiz says citizens should have no illusions about T&T’s need for an efficient highway network. To increase productivity and spur economic development, he said, there must be more reliable access to different point of the country.

Overall market activity resulted from trading in 14 securities of which one advanced, three declined and ten traded firm.

While BHP Billiton’s global petroleum production increased by seven per cent, thanks to a 49 per cent increase in onshore US liquids for the quarter ended September 30, locally, the company’s third quarter oil and gas production results weakened, according to a news release from the Australian co

There is no reasons to panic as yet about the recent drop in international oil prices, economist Dr Ronald Ramkissoon said yesterday. 

While Finance Minister Larry Howai says there is no need to worry about the recent downward movement in the price of oil, officials of state-owned Petrotrin are analysing and reviewing the situation to see how this trend affects the company’s operations.

Overall market activity resulted from trading in 14 securities of which three advanced, five declined and six traded firm.