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Angelo Bissessarsingh

Saturday, January 21, 2017
The hotel soon became THE venue for high-class entertainment. The dances on Thursday and Saturday nights were proverbial and entrance fee was $1.20 per head.
Saturday, January 7, 2017
In the 1820s Carenage was a community of free coloured fishermen and small farmers which began to grow after Emancipation in 1834 with the settling of many ex-slaves in the district
Sunday, December 25, 2016
Monos Island is now best known as a holiday resort, but for the latter part of the 18th century and well into the 1920s it was an actual community with public officers, a chapel, and families who resi
Sunday, December 18, 2016
The Bonanza looks regal too, with its elegant wrought-iron façade, designed by the great architect and contractor, Mr George Brown, who was responsible for bringing the design elements of wrought iron
Saturday, November 26, 2016
Before the removal of the garrison in 1854, the Royal Gaol had been in downtown Scarborough, in a cramped stone building best suited for about 20 persons but accommodating 50, both male and female.
Saturday, November 19, 2016
​Around 1769 the capital of Tobago moved to Scarborough from Studley Park and thus needed some sort of garrison.
Sunday, November 13, 2016
​Before bake and shark, before doubles, before accra, there were oysters.
Sunday, November 6, 2016
​In 1887 James Henry Collens noted with amazement about his observances among indentured Indian labourers and the depth of their faith, particularly their knowledge of the Hindi epic, the Ramayan:
Sunday, October 30, 2016
One of the most complex characters in Sir V S Naipaul’s The Suffrage of Elvira is Ramlogan, the fat, hairy rumshop keeper who constantly feuds with his neighbour, the Goldsmith, over a multitude of gr
Sunday, October 23, 2016
​“He cycled down the High Street. Just past the shop with the Red Rose Tea Is Good Tea sign, he looked back.