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Parents, please talk with your children

Thursday, February 6, 2014

How well are we communicating as parents with our children? Are we in fact communicating with them at all? These questions may not necessarily be as fanciful or rhetorical, as they may appear. But as the violence which has permeated the society and is now—well, not has been in our schools for some time now—these issues must be faced squarely as professionals, including the teachers, try to put their hands on this troubling situations at our schools.


It is all well and good to rock back and say, “Oh, it was just two bad boys who were playing the fool and one was a bully anyway...” Of course I am referring to the latest incident which took place at Presentation College in San Fernando, which has turned out at least two of our prime ministers, on Monday. 



The following is by no means the reason why the boys in question found themselves in the position that they are in today; it is just examining the situation that young people today are faced with. The police will get to the bottom of this sorry episode and take the necessary action where needed. But if we are to get a sense of what is happening we have to take a realistic look at this extremely serious and dangerous situation before we reach the point of no return.