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Alli Kait follows up on Orchids with Ikbals

Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Carnival 2014
Models display costumes from the section Iqbals.

Ikbals is the second attempt by Nadia Seon-Reis and husband Kerwin Reis of Alli Kait Productions to produce a section in Trini Revellers large Band 2014, The Sultan’s Palace. In 2013 they were quite successful with their first production of Brazilian Orchids.


The Revellers all-inclusive band, which portrays a Middle Eastern theme, has 12 sections. However, registration for the section Ikbals is taking place exclusively at the Alli Kait mas camp, 14 Clarence Street, St James, up to Carnival Saturday. Music for the band will be provided by DJs and 3Veni band.


Designer Richard and Anthony Productions has produced monokinis, tankinis, regular two-piece bras and bikinis with an option of hot shorts, in turquoise blue and hot pink, trimmed with peacock feathers. The Reis’ are personally responsible for creating and decorating the costumes which Nadia said “is not a problem as I am a jeweler by profession, and have always been good with my hands. I just like to create.’”


On Carnival Monday jerseys will be provided for Ikbals’ male and female masqueraders, with an added bonus of free hot shorts for the women.


“We have been lucky with our sponsors which so far include National Lotteries Control Board, Hadco, Toyota and Detour,” said the two section leaders who hope to attract between 150-200 masqueraders in the section.


For more info: 726-0759 and 374-2432.