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How the Soca Monarch is decided

Friday, February 28, 2014
Carnival 2014

One of the frequently asked questions about the International Soca Monarch competition is what is the judging criteria? People often wonder how much crowd response actually matters. 


Here’s the judging criteria along with the list of judges and other key bits of information about Fantastic Friday. 


If you’re on Twitter, you can use the official hashtag, #ISM2014, and the International Soca Monarch Twitter handle @intlsocamonarch.


judging criteria


Digicel GROOVY SOCA Monarch


Melody 25


Lyrics 25


Arrangement 25


Groove 10


Performance 10


Crowd response 5



Play Whe POWER SOCA Monarch


Melody 25


Lyrics 20


Arrangement 20


Performance 20


Crowd response 10




Chief adjudicator: Josephine Torrel


Groovy category: Paul Massy, Marcia Miranda, Mark Nottingham, Christopher Seon, Allison Seepaul


Power category: Marva Newton, Steve Sealy, Marvin George, Evelyn Caesar Munro, John Barry 


Tabulators: Patrina Torrel and Trisha Layne