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Machel sings last in both Groovy, Power

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Machel Montano will perform last in both the Groovy and Power Soca categories of the International Soca Monarch competitions tomorrow night. Montano, who pulled first at yesterday’s draw for positions for the competition, chose position number 12 in the Groovy category before returning to his seat to watch fellow band member Farmer Nappy (Darryl Henry) make the choice to perform at position number nine.



Montano, the reigning monarch in both categories, shares the Power Soca title with veteran Austin Lyons (SuperBlue) who returned to the Carnival competition last year with his song Fantastic Friday. Lyons will perform in position five. The two winners shared a playful interaction at yesterday’s event when Montano left his seat to choose his position but was called back by Lyons. 



Montano, who had already chosen the last position, put the slip of his paper into his pocket before having a brief conversation with Lyons who had joined him on stage. After the private conversation, Montano’s position was announced, followed by Lyons, who will be performing his recent release Carnival Yo Yo. The Groovy category will feature 12 competitors, while 11 will compete in the Power category.