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Stewards on alert for ‘extra’ players

PanTrinbago apologises for late finish
Monday, March 3, 2014

Pan Trinbago vice-president Bryon Serrette yesterday apologised to the public for the late finish to the National Panorama finals, saying the lethargic flow among competing bands and efforts by the stage crew to monitor bands trying to flout the rules led to a 4 am end to the contest. Saturday’s steelpan music contest at the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain featured 21 contestants in two categories: medium and large conventional.



But Serrette said they had to be more diligent than usual after they picked up an illegal practice at last Thursday’s Single Pan Band and Small Conventional Bands finals at Skinner Park, San Fernando. He said the stage management team at that event found a finalist band in breach of the rules regarding the number of players. The band, which he did not name reportedly appeared in the small conventional class with a compliment of players over the maximum ceiling the rules allowed.


It was because of this, he said, that the Saturday’s stage crew was put on high alert . “It was slower than it was supposed to be,” Serrette said. “The stage crew had a responsibility to ensure that the bands stayed within the maximum and minimum. They were a little more careful, a little more deliberate in the check.” 


Asked how Pan Trinbago could get its members to understand what a production was so it could be timed and broadcast efficiently, Serrette said, “You could lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. 



“Starting the show earlier wouldn’t make things tighter. What would make things tighter is a more efficient and responsible approach to the show by the bands and the management of the bands. That will assist greatly, because whatever (Pan Trinbago) management may do, if the bands and the leadership of the bands don’t co-operate all the efforts would be to nought.”