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Miss Miles marks Minshall’s return

Thursday, March 6, 2014
Carnival 2014
Cecilia Salazar, left, who played Miss Miles onstage poses with Penelope Spencer and Anika Duke.

Veteran masman Peter Minshall returned to Carnival with Lordstreet Theatre’s band Miss Miles, A Band On Corruption. The small band, conceived by Tony Hall, was inspired by ongoing work around his play, Miss Miles, the Woman of the World, starring Cecilia Salazar. 


The masqueraders all portrayed the lead character, the late anti-corruption activist and ’70s fashion icon Gene Miles. 


Hall told the T&T Guardian that Minshall came onboard after he was shown photos from a Miss Miles-themed Woodford Square protest for World Anti-Corruption Day last December. 


“He got excited about it,” Hall said. “He understood the intrinsic nature of the mas.”


It’s not Lordstreet’s first foray into the Carnival space. They started out as an Old Mas outfit with A Band On Drugs in 1990. They worked on the idea along with Errol Fabien, drawing on his experience with addiction and rehabilitation. After that, Lordstreet teamed up with the Rape Crisis Centre for A Band on Violence, and then presented A Band On US, exploring the theme of cultural imperialism in 1992. 


Miss Miles was a call to participants to embrace their “inner Miss Miles,” taking a stance against corruption. 


“We will find our strength to deal with corruption, find political resistance,” said Hall. 


The play, Miss Miles, The Woman of the World, will return to the Little Carib Theatre on March 8 and 9.