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Bridezuki gets married

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I got married Saturday. Three months ago my live-in partner and I decided to make our union legal as we had long planned. This would be my second marriage; and my partner was a longstanding bachelor. Neither I nor my fiancé wanted too much of a fussy wedding, we said to my soon-to-be-in-laws. A small ceremony, with a block party for a reception, was our plan. Have you ever heard of Bridezilla? It’s the name given to the monstrous kind of bride who wants the biggest, grandest, most expensive wedding and behaves like Godzilla, the Japanese cartoon monster, to get her way. 


I guess I was the opposite, Brizezuki, if you will. (Godzuki was the adorable, infantilised, tiny version of Godzilla in the cartoon.) I wanted almost everything every smaller, ever less complicated, taking my reductionism to the ultimate degree when I tried on a thrift-shop wedding dress. (It didn’t fit.) Through three or four changes of dress ideas, ceremony venues, menus and other wedding plans, my fiancé patiently allowed me to fritter away about a month. We started pre-marital counseling with my dear friend the Rev Cliff Rawlins, the pastor who would wed us, and we still didn’t know where he would be doing the wedding.