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School for Pandits

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Pandits’ Parishad (Council of Pandits), of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha and the Pandit Parasram School of Hinduism have embarked upon a joint venture to train pandits in the various aspects of Panditai and Hinduism. The objective is to produce a cadre of proficient pandits who are competent in conducting poojas, who are versed in the Hindu scriptures and who can confidently expound the philosophies of Hinduism.


These trained pandits will become the ambassadors of Hinduism and will be able to integrate the loftiest principles of Sanatan Dharma, as communicated by the ancient sages, with the brand of Hinduism that was brought to the Caribbean by our forefathers and which has survived up to today.


More than 50 are registered for the two-year certificate programme, which began in April, and for which classes are held weekly. The pandits come from various parts of T&T, including Sangre Grande, Cedros, Barrackpore, Williamsville and Point Fortin. The ages of the participants are also diverse, with the youngest participant being nine years of age and the eldest being 80.