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Bio-hacking a sixth sense

Monday, January 6, 2014
Science and Society

Mankind has always been fascinated by the acquisition of a sixth sense, be it the ability to tell the future, to sense energy fields or to detect meta-physical presences. Such ventures were generally not associated with what may be loosely termed as scientific methods and were generally denounced as hocus-pocus. The practice of yoga, with its well defined process, methodology and repeatable results, was traditionally regarded by the scientific community as pseudo-science.


In light of the many rigorous clinical studies, this opinion has changed. It is now acknowledged that seemingly extra-sensory or heightened sensory abilities can be developed by body-mind practices of yoga. 



The convergence of technology and biology has added a new dimension to the quest for increased sensory perception. This deviates from the traditional approach of using sophisticated instruments like MRIs and other high-tech devices and systems, as these are treated as external appendages. Instead, devices are inserted into the body to become an integral part of it.