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Harmony of mind, heart, body and spirit Entry 90

Thursday, January 16, 2014
Diary of a Mothering Worker - Entry 90
Gabrielle Hosein

Everybody knows that feeling when everything comes together. You can’t explain what clicks, but you know when it happens. You lift off like you have wide, sure wings and they are in control, and all that exists is this moment when you are not even touching ground. Somehow.


Right then, there is no doubt that each thing that happened had to, with the exact timing and order as it occurred, or else the magic of confluence and consequence would never have swept you off your feet. Such a moment of transcendence can’t be predicted, planned or pretended, though you can conscientiously prepare.


What got me here? I had been wondering about a way ahead and was unable to force the process. I learned that my brain couldn’t dominate it.


Turns out, the next step is only lighter than air when mind, heart, body and spirit come of their own free will to the crossroad and, without too much dialogue, all turn toward the same direction, feeling ready, knowing what is right.