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CoP a victim of Colonial vestiges?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Why has the Government not brought legislation to Parliament to change the method for adopting a Commissioner of Police? There are a few realities the society must come to terms with in relation to the appointment of a Commissioner of Police; moreover, that the chairman of the Police Service Commission, Prof Ramesh Deosaran, has warned against the expectation of the appointment of a CoP in the immediate future.


The Patrick Manning People’s National Movement government, unable to successfully lead the prevention, investigation and prosecution of crime, determined that only a foreign police commissioner, preferably white, was capable of measuring up to the job of CoP.


Politically and electorally desperate to make an impact in the run-up to the 2010 election, Manning and his MPs became victim of the psychological strictures placed on the society by slavery, indentureship and colonial tutelage. In that frame, the government leaders of the day concluded that only white and foreign officers would have the capacity to achieve the dramatic reduction in crime needed in the circumstances where the Manning government had made gaffe after gaffe and failed to achieve positive results along the road to dismantle the crime establishment.