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Kaiso and mega drug bust in T&T

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Undoubtedly the numero uno news item today in T&T is the recent drug bust, and while the US and T&T authorities are currently involved in nailing the culprits, very surprisingly the talk among a section of the national community is who was responsible for cracking open the case. At this time, who did it is not my concern, and I am waiting patiently for when the facts are completely out and I won’t do as some people who are apparently suffering from an acute burst of verbal diarrhoea and running their trap—tra la lala.


On the street and on radio talk shows in particular, you can hear them talking about who tief the drug, who the multimillion-dollar shipment was destined for etc, and all kind of dotish talk. What I do know is that this is a serious one and with the help of our American counterparts we will get to the bottom, or the top, of this scandal. I am also sure that at the end of the day somebody or bodies, are facing jail big time. 


Until then I am saying to let the people do their job, and for the first time with this collaborative effort a major breakthrough would be made in putting a big dent in the drug trade for which T&T, because of its geographical location, is a well known transshipment port.