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Change from within

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Last week, I uploaded a video to the Internet with a very simple message: every citizen has within them the power to change this country. Human beings always conceive of change as abstract, sinewy concerns over which the ordinary individual has no perceptible influence. The purpose of the video was to help people see how adjustments to the way we live our lives can have the cumulative effect of altering the way our society functions today. 


I was touched by the response to the video. Some of the comments suggest there is a fundamental understanding of the heft of our actions and omissions in our sphere of influence. These shortcomings, when multiplied, paralyse the society and worse, inure our people to the repercussions of our passionately-defended apathy and lawlessness. It now takes truly gruesome acts of violence or a shockingly high death toll in a road wreck for us to be moved, and even so, expressions of grief or outrage have a limited shelf life. 


In the wake of the video, there were even some candid admissions of guilt! A handful of folks sheepishly accepted responsibility for behaviours such as parking illegally on the road while inhaling a doubles. There were, of course, some foolish remarks but in this country, more often than is preferable, allowances must be made for defiantly stupid people.